Good points of Active Learners


Good points of Active Learners

I really want to express my sincere appreciation to all the staff (teaching and non-teaching) of Active Learners for the care and concern they have showered upon my daughter, Si En during her one year here. We have tried 2 other childcare centres before we enrolled her in Active Learners. She felt welcomed and was happy to come to Active Learners everyday even after the first day here! She could even share with me how gentle and nice her teachers were.

I witnessed the kind gestures the teachers and even the Aunties showered upon every child at the entrance every day when I send her to school. I am really impressed that the staff could instantly remember minute details of every child when they did the entrance duties, for example, which child needs to apply special cream, who had a fall and should not be going outdoors, which child needs to collect his friend’s birthday present and many more. This really required a lot of effort from the staff and this showed that they genuinely loved every child and cared about them.

My daughter has also been taught many life lessons and moral values. Mrs Ang, the Principal is very meticulous and observant with children. She will correct the wrong behaviours and teach the right moral values and shared with parents how to better manage our children.

The school is also very lucky to have two hardworking aunties who cleans the centres tirelessly to ensure the high level of hygiene of the school. Cleanliness is very important so Active Learners has very low rate of children falling sick and I would attribute this to the conscientious effort of the two aunties. My daughter also loved the healthy food from the school and she told me she could always get generous servings of the food.

Children in Active Learners are also exposed to a great variety of activities such as appreciation for Arts such as watching drama plays, musicals, love for Nature through outdoor activities and learning journeys to the Zoo, Jacob Ballus Children’s garden. Active Learners also involve their children in community service to learn the values of giving back to society through donations and performances at Swarmi Old Folk Home and various Care projects. They are also invited to write about all these experiences in their Journal book and parents need to reply to what the children have written in the Journal. This is a very good way of getting parents to bond with their children.

I have recommended 2 friends to this centre and they are both full of praises for Active Learners. I have been sharing the good things about Active Learners to my colleagues and friends and will continue to do so. I wish Active Learners all the best in many years to come and please continue the wonderful work and bless as many children as you can.

Any improvement?

I think everyone in Active Learners is doing a good job. Please keep it up!

Mdm Goh Lee Teng