Everything we do at Active Learners down to the smallest detail is driven by the firm believe that we can make a difference in the lives of children who walk through our doors.

To nurture a love for learning in the child’s earliest experiences, the curriculum for each programme has been carefully planned and structured for age-appropriate delivery at each level of the child’s development

We’re About The Little People…


Our caring and dedicated teachers go the extra mile to nurture an integrated learning environment at Active Learners with the feel of “a home away from home” to support social and emotional development of children under our care. Their early childhood qualifications range from Certificate, Diploma to Specialist Diploma levels. Each teacher brings into the classroom a wealth of valued knowledge and skills in working with the young in their formative years.


Small class size and a low teacher-child ratio means more teachers are available on hand to address a range of learning capabilities in the classroom and support our goal of delivering quality learning at Active Learners.


At Active Learners, we acknowledge the variety of parenting practices and values as well as the social and cultural diversity of families. We believe that children stand to benefit most in their development when the Centre actively engages parents through consultation, collaboration and negotiation.

We rely on formal and informal channels of communications:
Visuals – photographs and samples of children’s work
Oral – phone calls and parent-teacher meetings
Written – SMS broadcasts and the communications book


Activities and outings form an integral part of the Active Learners experience. Planned across a full year schedule, the series of activities and outings take children outside the confines of a classroom and are selected to nurture and reinforce our core values:

Respect – for self, community and the environment
Kindness – sensitive to the needs of others; forthcoming to render help
Confidence – having a positive sense of self and doing one’s best

What Parents Says

The Centre is clean and with adequate lighting. The indoor aircon temperature is just right. The teachers are helpful, patient and friendly. The curriculum is well-rounded and I have no worries that my child will have any problem understanding in Primary One.

Amber Wang (K2 2017)

The awesome curriculum has been a great help with Ezra’s literacy skills. There has been great improvement also in his speech development. There are also the amazing teachers have been patient and kind towards Ezra. A special thank you to the K2 teachers for teaching him life skills and academics, especially for a special needs child like Ezra.

Ezra Adam (2017 K2)

We are very happy to say that we have made the right decision in enrolling Arjun in active learners. We have seen a lot of improvement in Arjun within a short span of time. We are very happy with the centre, the teachers and the curriculum which all are perfect. We would like to thank Mrs Ang and Arjun’s teachers for their support and encouragement in making Arjun learn and grow. We will definitely recommend Active Learners to my friends and relatives.

Arjun (2017 K1)

Joshua loves his teachers a lot, especially Tr Sha , Tr Wini and Tr Az. Thank you for making his time in school so memorable.
His favourite part of school is playing and singing.
He also loves his friends a lot.

Joshua Jayven (2017 N1)

Centre organised many fun and meaningful events for the children, and even parents’ participation. Active Learners has many teachers, and the teachers are kind and caring.

Anna Dong (2017 K1)

Active Learners’ Reading Programme really works. My child developed her reading skills from it. Oistein Art is a very good Programme. We love the theatre show sand outings organised. K2 curriculum, spelling, dictation, assessments help prepare the child well for Primary One.

Meredith Tan (2017 K2)

Kiddies Corner


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